Living in Wales, where a great deal of social housing was built with three bedrooms, I’m acutely aware that this tax will cruelly affect the poor in this part of the UK. There’s a link here, to a petition against the bedroom tax and I strongly urge every reader to sign, no matter whether you personally are affected or not.


The U.K. government is about to introduce draconian legislation that will hit the poor and vulnerable; the essence of this legislation is if the government decides you are under occupying your rented home, you will lose housing benefits. This will mean some people on very low incomes or on state benefits will now have to pay towards their housing costs. It means others will have their benefits removed or reduced.

Those that can’t pay will have to move; if they can’t pay and there is no available alternative accommodation, they will be ‘helped’ with loans from their council.

Meanwhile, the rich get richer and the bankers continue to defraud and walk away with no consequences.

This is being done by rich politicians, the banker’s friends and probably the biggest under occupiers in the country.

Please sign the petition-

Stop the cruel and unfair ‘Bedroom Tax’

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