This blog features useful links to other sites discussing the government’s disgraceful attitude to welfare reform, along with the opinions of the author himself. Well worth a look!

The end of politics

Following my post yesterday highlighting the disgraceful behaviour of our MPs on welfare reform, today I am asking all British citizens with a shred of decency in their body to take action to help protect the most vulnerable in society.

I know that as people going about our every day lives it’s very easy to just gloss over items of news that don’t directly affect you. I know that in the currently climate the media very rarely portrays the real-life implications of government decisions, preferring instead to promote the government’s own agenda. And I know that in reality, we don’t have time to get involved in every single issue that affects us or those around is. But if yesterday’s events did not convince you that our government is callous, uncaring and driven purely by financial motives, I ask you to read the following, before taking action.

  • Mike Sivier presents…

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